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Cloud Communcations

Contact Center

Get the cloud-based solution you need to deliver top-tier CX – with no need for premise-based hardware.

Cloud Communcations


Collaborate better and enhance productivity with a right-fit cloud communication solution.



Ensure your communications run smoothly with a dedicated internet or broadband connection. Get Today

Other Solutions


Partnered with leading mobile providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. We streamline your corporate wireless bill.

Other Solutions


We’ll connect you with the right-fit cyber security solution in the cloud, whether you need MDR, SIEM and more!



Stay ahead of the technology curve with better network and application performance, security, and reliability.

Glasshouse Communications LLC - Full Lifecycle Management

As service providers cut costs, they become unable to provide the support businesses like you need. We’ve built a program to address these gaps, and to bring a personal touch to your technology experience.

Our Glasshouse Communications program allows us to use our time-tested best practices to manage all your cloud and telecom needs – for the full life cycle of your solutions.

Customer Testimonials

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"Glasshouse Communications was able to set us up with our new hosted VOIP provider that exceeded our requirements and assisted us every step of the way through the migration. They also have been helpful with managing our network needs. We will always consult with Glasshouse when evaluating our IT projects and would recommend that others do too.

Michael Wayne

CPA – Plainville, Connecticut

Glasshouse Communications was able to cut costs on our telecommunications bills for our retail locations. They also helped implement a new contact center solution that helped our clients receive updates on their installation and orders. We always recommend using Glasshouse as a one stop shop for all telecommunications services.

Sam Awad

CEO – Jokers Audio

Wow, Working with Glasshouse Communications LLC is a breath of fresh air. They were able to find us a much more reliable internet service provider at the same price as were paying along with helping us upgrade to a new VOIP phone solution. I highly recommend Glasshouse Communication LLC for top-notch VOIP solutions.

Flynn Murphy

CIO U.S. Seal Manufacturing

Trusted by 50+ Businesses Since 2020!

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Step 4


We manage the relationship, so you don’t have to.

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